For a thousand years after the Apostle Paul’s missionary journeys, and John’s Revelation was sent to Asia Minor’s seven churches, the region we now call Turkey, was the epicenter of the Christian world. But after the mayhem of the Crusades, the invasion of the Seljuk's, then the Mongols, then the Ottomans, then a string of massacres (including the Armenian Genocide killing some 2 million), Christianity seems almost non-existent.

Today Turkey is home to some 75 million and is over 99 percent Muslim. Although Turkey officially provides for religious freedom, fierce persecution continues and the Christian Church remains almost entirely underground. Bibles and Christian resources are extremely scarce and evangelism is outlawed.

In 2012, the Digital Bible Society launched Turkish Treasures with a desire toprovide Turkish Christian resources that include Bibles, audio scriptures, books, audio recordings and evangelistic videos to a region, some believe, is soon to be revived.

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