Treasures Libraries: Overview

The Digital Bible Society’s Treasures Libraries contain Bibles, books, audio, and video from many of the world’s finest Christian organizations into freely distributable media for the purpose of equipping the saints, especially in biblically impoverished areas. The various translations and biblical materials featured in the libraries are either public domain or were provided by the rights holders with written consent to be used by DBS. We have, in turn, formatted, compiled and categorized these resources into language libraries for easy access. These libraries serve an extensive range of needs, from personal reading to intensive Bible study to discipleship, evangelism, and church planting.

The libraries may be freely viewed and downloaded from this site or purchased for the cost of the media and shipping.

DBS encourages users to copy and distribute the libraries to anyone and everyone in need. However, we ask that no alterations to the libraries or the content be made. A number of languages are now being made available from this site and may be purchased for the cost of the media and shipping.

Treasures Libraries were created to function with a variety of devices. PC, Mac, and Linux computers are all compatible along with Android tablets (with a USB or SD slot), smart phones, and handheld projectors. Bibles are formatted to operate both on mobile or desktop devices and the files may also be printed out as hard copies.

The Treasures Libraries of the Digital Bible Society were created for regions where installing software and/or possessing or copying Christian content might be considered dangerous, if not illegal. Consequently, the libraries have been created to run using any ordinary web browser without installing any special software. Android and IOS apps are now being made available in Apps stores and directly though micro SD chips that install directly into a mobile device.


Treasures Libraries: Uses

  • Are intended to support missionaries, church planters, and disciples by providing a wide range of resources for those who may be in remote, closed access, or internet impoverished regions. 
  • Are created with discipleship, evangelism and church planting in mind and are intended to reach the full range of users - form enquirers, new believers, children, families, pastors and leaders.
  • May be copied and freely distributed to the people for whom they were created, but may not be sold for profit.
  • May be downloaded from the Digital Bible Society website - although the downloads may take a very long time, depending upon internet speed.
  • Contain copyrighted materials and may not be altered, added to, or posted in whole or in part on the Internet without the written permission of the Digital Bible Society.
Treasure Libraries