Treasures Questions

What is a “Treasures Library”?
A “Treasures Library” is a collection of Bibles, Christian books, reference works, audio resources, and videos that assists the user in their own personal devotions and Bible studies. A Treasures library consists of material from multiple ministries and is generally divided to address the needs of the users be they Enquirers, New Believers, Families, Children, Discipleship trainers or trainees and Leaders. Treasures libraries are free-to-copy and free-to-share.
What languages will be created next by the Digital Bible Society?
Those languages which are representative of the least reached people groups will receive the highest priority. We hope to have covered most of the world’s major languages by 2020.
What is the best media on which to distribute Treasures libraries?
This depends on your target audience. If you are seeking to support users who have access to computers, DVDs are cost effective and work well with most computers. If you want to deliver Bibles that will work on tablets, mobile phones, or pocket projectors, Micro SDs are best. Still others prefer the flexibility and durability of flash storage and order Treasures Libraries on USB drives. Many prefer to carry several libraries on a single hard drive.
How can I get updates to Treasures libraries?
On some Digital Bible Society Treasures libraries there is an "update" feature that will verify your current version and check for updates online. Otherwise, you can check the Treasures Libraries section of our website and upload the latest update.
What is a digital Bible?
The digital Bibles that the Digital Bible Society distributeS ON TREASURE LIBRARIES consist of one or more Bibles in a specific language such as Spanish or Russian. We also include Greek, Hebrew, and English Bibles, lexicons, reference tools, at least one audio Bible, the JESUS Film, and a large library of images and maps all linked to the Scriptures.

Sharing Questions

Can I copy and share Digital Bible Society products?
The Digital Bible Society Treasures libraries were created with copying and sharing in mind and are intended to alleviate the problem of Bible poverty by supplying resources in areas where they may be scarce or inaccessible. Copying Treasures Libraries is encouraged so long as the copies are distributed to the region for which they were created. Treasures libraries must never be sold. Agencies directly partnering with a Digital Bible Alliance member may, in some circumstances, recover the cost of the media used to deliver the libraries.
What products can NOT be copied and shared?
The Digital Bible Society has a few products that CANNOT be copied, such as special Spanish versions. This is because of royalty arrangements and proper counting. Be sure to check the labeling and the About pages before copying.
Can I copy off and use portions of a Digital Bible Society library?
Users may remove and use a given resource for personal use only. Users may not distribute or upload to the internet any content contained in Treasures libraries. Distribution of modified libraries is prohibited.
Is is OK to change or customize the libraries?
No changes or alteration may be made to any Treasures Library without the written consent of the Digital Bible Society.
Can I print and distribute materials on the Treasures Libraries?
Yes, printing and sharing is encouraged, provided that such materials are not sold or used for any commercial purpose.
Can I print and distribute materials on the Treasures Libraries?
Yes, printing and sharing is encouraged, provided that such materials are not sold or used for any commercial purpose.
May our organization post Bible or Treasures libraries to the web?
No, posting to web would violate a number our permissions contracts. However, this may be a viable option for some regions and so we ask that you contact us directly and acquire written permission before uploading any of the content to which we have been entrusted.

Technical Questions

What do I need to know about copying to Micro SD?
The actual size of a Micro SD chip is usually about 10 percent smaller than advertised. Each brand is a little different. The "Class" rating represents speed. Only use chips that are Class 6 or better, but never lower than Class 4. The library, especially the videos, will otherwise run too slowly. The best way to copy a library onto an SD chip is to copy all the files of a library to a folder on your computer, then copy the folder to the Micro SD.
Can you make Micro SD chips so that they cannot be erased?
On many of the chips that we ship, the distributor has asked that we make them read only–so that they can neither be formatted or copied over. You will know if that is the case if you cannot format them. If you would like to order a number of chips that are read only, let us know and will provide them so they cannot be copied over.
What devices do Treasures DVDs, USBs and Micro SD chips work with?
Digital Bible Society Treasures DVDs and USBs work on computers that have DVD drives and are equipped with modern web browsers. We suggest you update your browser to one that works well with HTML5, such as Internet Explorer 10, Safari 5, Chrome (with some exceptions), or Firefox. Of the four, Firefox and Safari seems to work best. Micro SD chips are useful for cell phones and tablets and will work on computers if you have a card reader on on your computer or an adapter that can turn a Micro SD into a USB.
Do Treasures Libraries install software on a device?
No software installation is required. These libraries are intended to run directly from the media and can be accessed through a web browser or a file manager by which means the user can access the content directly. We recommend that users install the Mp3 Bibles (or videos) directly to their players of phones for ease of access.
Do Treasures Libraries leave any evidence of usage?
Digital Bible Society Treasures libraries leave little trace on users’ devices – unless, of course, the user opts to install a library, Bible or App onto their device. Moreover, devices and operating system vary in how data is stored. If a user is concerned with security, we recommend they clear their browser history or reset their browser just to be sure. If you are in a high security area, please take the time to educate yourself as to how your particular device or system handles history and caching of files. An excellent source of information is or Google Online Safety.
How can I install an entire Treasures Library to a computer or device?
When possible, we do suggest that users install the entire library to their devices – if it is safe to do so –this will cause it to run much faster. Simply make a directory on your device, name it something appropriate, and copy all the files from the Treasures Library media device into that directory. When done, check to make sure that the number of files on your media matches the number of files in your new directory. It always helps to make a shortcut to that directory and launch the file called index.html

Organization Questions

How do you determine what content goes into a Treasures Library?
We ask God to bring content contributors and key people to guide us in the process of content selection. We then identify trusted experts, and respected leaders. We trust them to decide on the content that will best serve the regions we are serving. We always place the highest priority on Scripture content. The Digital Bible Society has chosen to remain neutral with regards to selecting content for our libraries.
What denomination is the Digital Bible Society affiliated with?
The board of directors and staff of DBS is made up of many Christian denominations and persuasions. Really. We see this as a good thing. We seldom agree on everything, but we manage to get along. There is one thing we do have in common. We are all Christians and agree with the Lausanne Covenant for World Evangelism. On the other hand, we WILL NOT include material in any of our libraries or partner with any fringe groups that can be considered cultic, exclusive, or are opposed to our basic beliefs. And finally, we do not receive funding or endorsement from any one denomination.
What is the Digital Bible Alliance and Digital Bible Forum?
The Digital Bible Alliance is an association of like minded ministries who have partnered together to develop and distribute digital Bibles and resources around the world. The Digital Bible Forum is a gathering of ministries and partners that meet every two years for networking and collaborating in the world of digital missions. Add your name to our mailing list in the footer below for updates and notifications.

Partnering Questions

How does someone become a content contributor to Treasures libraries?
We wholeheartedly welcome you and your organization's involvement. Simply contact us and/or mail us a soft copy of the material you would like included on future projects. Please know, the Digital Bible Society has chosen to remain neutral with regards to selecting content for our libraries. What we have done instead is to identify key and respected local leaders that are experts in their area. We trust these leaders to decide on the content that will best serve their respective regions.
What does it mean to be a distribution partner of Treasure libraries?
Those who are distributing one or more of our treasures libraries in large numbers (more than 1000 units in a year), are invited to become Digital Bible Society distribution partners. Our partners receive enormous benefits such a free media when donors desire to sponsor events and certain areas. Are you making allot of Treasures Libraries copies? Hey, we will even send you new Apple Mac Book Laptops! (Just kidding). Call us!
How do you get funding for your projects?
Now that is a great question! The Digital Bible Society is a 501(c)3 organization funded entirely by donations. A portion of our funding comes from the Digital Bible Alliance while other critical funding comes from missions-minded persons such as yourself. To donate click here.
How can I help with your mission?
Here are a few ways (1) Add the Digital Bible Society (DBS) to your church’s or prayer group’s prayer list and then let us know so that we can keep you up to date with prayer requests and updates. (2) Become a DBS distribution partner (call us). (3) Become a DBS Content Contributor. (4) Become a funding partner (click here). (5) Become a language expert to check one of our libraries (contact us). (6) Invite us to speak to a church group or missions conference (call us). (7) Like us on Facebook or contribute to our Blogs. (8) Provide FEEDBACK on our products and services!
Are you Hiring?
We may be if you are right for the job. Potential hires need to love Jesus, have a desire to serve in missions, and get along well with others. It also helps to be prolific at programming, web design, and other computer stuff. You will need to be willing to pray every day with others, ready to travel as necessary, work round-the-clock on occasion. You need to be dependable, responsible, energetic, and Godly. You need to be willing to learn, be fun-loving, have a deep and pure reverence for the Word of God, and a burning desire to change history. Being multi-lingual is nice, but not essential. If that is you, send your resume - today. Please.
Treasures Libraries are being prepared in African languages like Swahili and Hausa.
Bibles Libraries are now available in Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, and Punjabi.
Hebrew and Greek Bibles are included with almost all free libraries.
Audio Bible of Papua New Guinea are best served with devices.
Treasures Libraries deliver free Bible resources in Burmese, Bengali and Thai.