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    Title: The Death of Samson



    Medium: Woodcut

    Copyright: Public Domain


    One day, the Philistine leaders assemble in a temple for a religious sacrifice to Dagon, one of their most important deities, for having delivered Samson into their hands. They summon Samson so that people can watch him perform for them. The temple is so crowded that people are even climbing onto the roof to watch—and all the rulers of the entire government of Philistines have gathered there too, some 3,000 people in all. Samson is led into the temple, and he asks his captors to let him lean against the supporting pillars to rest. He pleads to the Lord to return his strength so he can take revenge on the Philistines for plucking out his eyes, and is more than happy to die with them. He pushed with all his might, and brought down the entire temple.
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