Robert Moffat
لقد رأيت على مدار الوقت دخان آلاف القرى، قرى أهلها بلا الله، بلا يسوع وبلا هدف في هذا العالم.

تقوم مؤسسة جمعية الكتاب المقدس الرقمي بالشراكة مع جسد المسيح بإنتاج وتوزيع الكتاب المقدس والمواد المسيحية في صورة رقمية لخدمة التلمذة والكرازة وزرع الكنائس بكل اللغات.

Our Mission

Since 2001, the Digital Bible Society has produced and distributed digital Bibles and Christian resources for widespread free-to-copy distribution. Our goal is to make the same Biblical resources that are abundantly available in English equally accessible in every language and to every people group.

To accomplish this task, we produce content for a wide range of delivery systems in order to reach the largest audience possible. Through partnership with Bible publishers and content creators, the Digital Bible Society provides these resources free of charge to churches, mission agencies, church planters, and teachers.

Our goal is that one day every person, no matter where they live, will enjoy full and immediate access to Bibles and Christian resources in every language of the world.

Johannes Gutenberg
يتألم الله على جموع الأرواح التي لا تصلها كلمته. والحقيقة الدينية مسجونة في عدد قليل من الكتب المخطوطة التي يحجم بدلا من أن تنشر هذا الكنز العام. دعونا كسر الختم الذي يقيد أشياء مقدسة ونعطي أجنحة للحق أن يصل ويفوز بكل روح تأتي إلى العالم بكلمته التى لم تعد مكتوبة بخط اليد بتكلفة باهظة، ومضاعفة مثل الرياح من دون كلل آلة.

Our Vision

The Digital Bible Society is a fellowship of Christian believers who come from a wide range of denominations and cultures in order to ensure that everyone everywhere can read, hear, and understand God’s Word in their own language.

We believe that the digital revolution has put the Body of Christ in an excellent position to bring these resources to every person more effectively, accurately, and efficiently than ever before.

We expect that before the year 2025, new technologies will completely resolve the linguistic and logistical problems that have crippled discipleship, evangelism, and church-planting in closed-access countries for so long.

To this end, we are seeking likeminded partners: people of prayer, financial backers, missions-minded distributors, and persons with computer and/or language skills.