Treasures Libraries

The Digital Bible Society’s Treasures Libraries are language-specific digital libraries that consist of Bibles, audio Scriptures, commentaries, books, movies, and music. These libraries reflect the content and generosity of many organizations; they are free and are free-to-copy.   The resources in each library vary quite considerably, based on what is contributed by these organizations in any given language.

Treasures Libraries make it possible for everyone - missionaries or moms, Christian leaders or children - to share Bibles, video, audio Scriptures and books with people that they may be ministering to, or the neighbors next door in a way that is safe, cost effective, and comprehensive.

A number of languages are now available from this site and can be purchased for the cost of the media and shipping.  They can also be viewed online, and in some cases freely downloaded (although we need to warn you here, some of the Treasures Libraries are  massive and may take days or even weeks to download).   Treasures Libraries are compatible with an extensive variety of devices, such as PC, Mac, and Linux computers, along with Android tablets (with a USB or SD slot), smart phones, and projectors.

Bibles in these libraries are formatted to operate on both mobile or desktop devices, with PDF files included for printing, copying to book readers, or display on devices such as pocket projects.

The Treasures Libraries are generally intended for regions where installing software or copying volumes of Christian content might be considered dangerous, if not illegal. Consequently—the Treasures Libraries have been created to run on an ordinary web browser, without installing any software.
We invite you to explore these libraries and distribute them far and wide; when you do, please let us know so we can celebrate with you in spreading God's Word and amazing resources to the ends of the earth!


inScript Bible Browser

The all new inScript™ 3 is an open-source, multi-lingual and freely-accessible Bible delivery system. It is simple-to-use, secure, browser-based, and can be used both online and offline. . inScript™ does not require software installation.
inScript™ supports a variety of browsers, and can run off of various media such as thumb drives, DVDs and micro SD chips. inScript™ is included in all the latest Digital Bible Society Treasures Libraries and includes numerous resources that can be freely copied and distributed.
inScript™ promotes clear and simple reading while supporting the following functions:

  • Side by side text comparison in almost unlimited languages – with synced scrolling.
  • Play audio bibles from the chapter where the user is reading, as well as video (such as The Jesus Film) directly from the text.
  • Search through native languages or along the underlying Greek and Hebrew word numbers.
  • View Greek and Hebrew definitions and display a wide variety of morphological information.
  • Mobile phone reading and searching (tabbed) or studying (windowed) mode.
  • inScript Bible Browser is usable online or offline
  • Compare Bible versions side by side, or in parallel passages.
  • Library of over 1200 hi-res remastered Biblical images and maps.
  • Share Bibles and search content via social media.
  • Includes Commentaries and Reference Works.
  • Thousands of the world’s Bibles in multiple environments.
  • Works online or offline - in Treasures Libraries or Apps.

As an open source Bible project, inScript™ promotes free and widespread distribution and is specifically designed for restricted access countries and regions.
We invite you to not only share this resource, but to help inScript™ continue to expand its content and functionality. Contact us to get involved.



Since the mission of the Digital Bible Society is "making God's Word accessible in every language", we focus on making digital Bibles available in the widest range of formats possible. By formats, we mean the wide variety of file structures that are becoming standard ways to read, study and share electronic books. While we make Bibles available in the aforementioned inScript™ Bible reader, we also go to great efforts to ensure that Bibles are made available in the following formats and are available for download and sharing from here and from the Find-A-Bible website

Mobile Bibles (HTML):

Mobile Bibles is a name given by DBS to designate pure HTML Bibles, which are web ready, hyper-linked text pages in their most basic form.  They are usable on most devices that exist today - including feature phones.  The Bibles can be downloaded as stand-alone "ZIP Files" and can be either copied onto media such as a micro SD card for use in an SD enabled phone. They can also be used on any computer, or can be easily posted to a website.

PDF Bibles:

The Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format used to present and exchange documents reliably, independent of software, hardware, or operating system. PDFs can contain links and buttons, audio and video, and are used on most every computer operating system - including hand-held and portable devices such as projectors.
PDF Bibles can easily provide a chapter, book or entire Bible and are especially helpful when using non-Roman fonts, as fonts can be directly embedded inside the file.

ePUB Bibles:

ePUB is a terrific way to read and share Bibles, but they require either a device that that is already programmed to reads them, or a special browser plug-in like the Mozilla Firefox browser add-on "ePub Reader".
Short for electronic publication, EPUB is the most widely supported open, free e-book format, with popular e-book readers like Barnes and Noble's Nook, Apple iOS powered devices such as the iPad and iPhone, the Sony Reader and others supporting the standard. Of the major e-book readers on the market today, only Amazon's Kindle lacks built-in support for the EPUB format. In addition to EPUB being supported by most popular e-book readers, the format can also be read on Android devices via apps like Moon+ Reader, WordPlayer and Windows Phone 7 via apps.  EPUB files use the .epub file extension.

Mobi Bibles:

Mobi is a file format quite similar to epub that was purchased by Amazon; it allows you read Bibles with a Kindle device.
The Mobipocket e-book format is based on the Open eBook standard using XHTML and can include JavaScript and frames. It also supports native SQL queries to be used with embedded databases. A corresponding e-book reader is available.



Find-A-Bible (FAB) is a web directory that provides links to Bibles and biblical resources in the 6000+ languages of the world.
While it is possible to search for Scripture and Bible resources online, the sheer quantity of available content is overwhelming. And not every Scripture is discoverable on search engines. Consequently, the Forum of Bible Agencies International (FOBAI) launched Find-A-Bible and commissioned the Digital Bible Society to create and maintain a single location on the internet where people looking for Bibles and Bible resources can identify and obtain them.

Find-A-Bible is intended to insure that the world’s Bibles and great biblical resources are easy to find, secure, use and share - in every language in which they exist.

The FAB directory is primarily made of content created by members of the Forum of Bible Agencies International (FOBAI) and is intended to help people discover and obtain Scriptures and biblical resources in the language and media of their choice for Bible distribution and engagement with a focus upon discipleship, evangelism, and church planting.

If you have not done so already, we invite you to explore this amazing resource and share it with others.

And, if you looking to assist in this great task of making God's word accessible through Find-A-Bible, we invite you to join us in the following ways:

  • Sharing with us information about Bibles and Bible-based content that you know is not in our directory. Join our volunteer team by contacting us!
  • Suggesting improvement to the Find-A-Bible site. Give us feedback.
  • Praying for the mission of FOBAI, Find-A-Bible and the Digital Bible Society.
  • Funding the ongoing work of Find-A-Bible.

Bible Apps

The world has gone mobile! Never before has it been so easy to reach so many for so little. And since nearly everyone in the world either has, or will soon be getting a smart phone, there is no reason why great Bible related content should be inaccessible to anyone - even if they don't have, or cannot afford, access to the internet.
Built upon the inScript™ Bible Reader, the Digital Bible Society produces Bible Apps in a number of languages that can be installed directly from media such as a micro SD Chip or thumb drive. These apps are all-inclusive - meaning they don't have to access the internet - which, by the way, is still either quite slow or quite expensive for most of the world.
Language-specific apps can be downloaded from the Bible section of our website and will soon be available in both the Android and Apple app stores.
While the Digital Bible Society Treasures Libraries are already accessible by smart phone, this year, we will also be making Treasures Libraries available in a variety of Apps that assist in the mobile use of our digital libraries.