inScript Bible Browser

inScript Bible Browser The all new inScript™ 4 is an open-source, multi-lingual, free-to-access Bible delivery system. It is easy to use, secure, browser-based, and can be used online and off. inScript™ does not require installed software. inScript™ supports a variety of browsers, and can run off of various media such as thumb drives, DVDs, and micro SD chips. inScript™ is included in all the latest Digital Bible Society Treasures Libraries and includes numerous resources that can be freely copied and distributed.
inScript Bible Browser is usable online or offline

inScript™ promotes clear and simple reading while supporting the following functions:

  • Side-by-side text comparison in almost every language with synced scrolling.
  • Play audio bibles from the chapter you are reading, as well as videos (like The Jesus Film) directly from the text.
  • Search through native languages or along the underlying Greek and Hebrew word numbers.
  • View Greek and Hebrew definitions and display a wide variety of morphological information.
  • Mobile phone reading and searching (tabbed) or studying (windowed) modes are also available.
  • Compare Bible versions side-by-side or in parallel passages.
  • A library of over 1200 high-resolution, remastered Biblical images and maps.
  • Share Bibles and search content via social media.
  • It includes Commentaries and Reference Works.
  • Hundreds of the world’s Bibles in multiple environments.
  • Works online or offline - in Treasures Libraries or Apps.
As an open source Bible project, inScript™ promotes free and widespread distribution and is specifically designed for restricted access countries and regions. We invite you to not only share this resource, but to help inScript™ continue to expand its content and functionality.  Contact us  to get involved.

Inscript: An Overview (5 Min Video)