Find-A-Bible Find-A-Bible (FAB) is a web directory that provides links to Bibles and biblical resources in the 6000+ languages of the world. While it is possible to search for Scripture and Bible resources online, the sheer quantity of available content is overwhelming, and not every Bible is discoverable on search engines. Consequently, the Forum of Bible Agencies International (FOBAI) launched Find-A-Bible and commissioned the Digital Bible Society to create and maintain a single location on the internet where people looking for Bibles and biblical resources can identify and obtain them.Find-A-Bible - the worldwide directory for the Forum of Bible Agencies

Find-A-Bible is intended to insure that the world’s Bibles and great biblical resources are easy to find, use, and share - in every language.

Find-A-Bible was invisioned by the Forum of Bible Agencies International (FOBAI) in 2006 and was commissed by the Forum to the Digital Bible Society in 2013. It is intended to help people discover and obtain Scriptures and biblical resources in the language and media of their choice for distribution and engagement with a focus on discipleship, evangelism, and church planting.

If you have not done so already, we invite you to explore this growing resource and share it with others.

If you are looking to assist in this great task of making God's word accessible through Find-A-Bible, we invite you to join us in the following ways: Sharing information about Bibles and Bible-based content that you know is not in our directory. Join our volunteer team by contacting us! Suggesting improvements to the Find-A-Bible site. Give us feedback. Praying for the mission of FOBAI, Find-A-Bible and the Digital Bible Society. Funding the ongoing work of Find-A-Bible

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